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 Been awhile PEOPLES!

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PostSubject: Been awhile PEOPLES!   Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:14 pm

Lone_Fox here,
been out of the game for about a year just waiting for this field to open up/have time off to get back into it.

I am a member of D.A.W.G., and Ill be happy to pop a bb in ur arse. Its been a year now people and dan and associates are trying to get this shit rollin. Ive made a pact with myself stating that i will not play on any other fields other than this one, thats hopefully going to open up as soon as we all get them donations in.

Come on people! I know 5 dollars goes a long way nowadays- gallon of gas, 8 pak of PBRs(tall boys btw), and other mind altering substances but come on people this is a chance of a lifetime here. We have a chance to make history here and its not like we dont have enough outside backing. Shit who would of thought echo1 would be sponsoring our asses?

Im the guy that doesnt really talk too much on the field and its kindof sad I gotto talk on here in order to get your asses in gear and get this field rolling. So get your shit together people and lets get this going. If I gotto wait another year Im goin to be so fat that Ill have to buy new gear! Gained about 25 pounds sitting on my ass this past year! Neways PEOPLE, get your shit together and lets start getting these donations in. Thats All.

P.S. JOLLY- No Your Not!
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Been awhile PEOPLES!
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