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 ROCK intro

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SOG Team Member

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PostSubject: ROCK intro   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:28 pm

I'm glad to have found this site...i didn't think there was anything legit down here in South Florida. I'm new to air soft and looking to hook up with mature players that share the same principle and vision as i do. Hopefully air soft can help me disconnect from world and serve as a stress reliever. I reside in the West Pembroke Pines area; so maybe there some fellow air softers down here.

I'm 38 married with two son will be heading off to the AF (security forces) very soon and I have a daughter in HS. I have no military experience but i work in the private sector (loss prevention) for 18 yrs. Most of my friends are law enforcement and ex military so i'm very familiar with some of the jargon. lol. I have a ton of respect for all of them...i just like joke with them and tell them that i make more money then they

im not a gun buff per say but i think i can handle an AEG...truth be told i don't even own one yet so i would like some feedback on weaponry, gear, ammo etc.

Thanks to those who had the determination and foresight of putting this thing together and if i could be of any support please advise.


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PostSubject: Re: ROCK intro   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:35 pm

Welcome to the community Rock. Its great to have more older, mature members joining our community! It really is a great way to relieve stress as well as makes some new contacts if not friends. There really are no legit airsoft only fields down here. We are the only organization recognized by not only the County of West Palm Beach but also in good standing with the State as well.

Our forums are still growing as is the organization (SFAA) We are currently ironing out the details of our field with the county and will be hosting some fundraiser events in the near future to help get the field built. If you would like to get more info about AEGs and other airsoft information (like where we play for now) you are more than welcome to sign up at

If you would like more info on how you can help with fundraising or donations, you can contact the SFAA staff @
Again, welcome and we look forward to providing you and your friends and family a safe, sanctioned airsoft field. Best of luck to your son and his decision to join our Armed Forces. A very commendable action in this day and age.

We look forward to seeing you out on the field.

-Daniel "Shooter" Stein

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United States Marine Corps.

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PostSubject: Re: ROCK intro   Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:35 pm

Glad to See you on the Forums. Airsoft is a great sport to let your stress out and just have fun...
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PostSubject: Re: ROCK intro   Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:41 pm

P-Chuck wrote:
Glad to See you on the Forums. Airsoft is a great sport to let your stress out and just have fun...
Our anger ........on younger brother with a mp5k

wanna play airsoft at hotshots next weekend this is open to everybody
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PostSubject: Re: ROCK intro   

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ROCK intro
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