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PostSubject: AIRSOFT FAQ   Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:59 pm

Ok guys, im going to get this started and we will add to it as a community. Feel free to post suggestions after ive posted up the main body and i will add it to the FAQ. Once we've deemed it complete i will clean up the thread and sticky it at the top of the page.

1. Welcome to Airsoft!

For starters, myself and the rest of the SEAD family would like to welcome you to arguably one of the greatest sports in the world, airsoft.

Obviously, if you're currently on this website you've probably got at least a general idea of what airsoft is. Let me briefly introduce you to the sport.

Airsoft originated in the eastern regions of the world, namely Japan. In the past fifteen years we have seen a significant increase in the amount of activity here in the United States. The sport has expanded exponentially and in the past five years we have been going through what many would regard a renaissance. The amount of product available to the player has virtually exploded. Players are no longer required to go overseas to source their guns and accessories.

Question 1: What is airsoft?

Answer: Airsoft is a combat simulation game with its inspiration rooted deeply in the tactics and equipment of the worlds armed forces. Unlike paintball airsoft centers around scenario styled gameplay with a heavy emphasis on tactics and movement. Airsoft uses a battery powered pneumatic delivery system that fires 6mm plastic projectiles at the "enemy". The "power" of the guns is completely adjustable and is measured in feet per second, or "FPS".

Question 2: Do the guns hurt? What kind of safety precautions do i have to take?

Answer: The guns CAN hurt but the threat of serious injury is less than minimal provided you're properly prepared and equipped. ALL players MUST wear eye protection. It is STRONGLY recommended that full seal eye protection be worn with a ballistic rating complying with the ANSI Z87.1 standard. Simple shop glasses may be ballistic rated but they are NOT a good idea for airsoft since they are not truly sealed.

For an idea of what is appropriate for eye protection head here

Question 3: Can i upgrade my gun to 900 fps so i can shoot through concrete?

Answer: No, you absolutely cannot. Any official event run by an events company has strict fps limits. In Florida, most sites have a 350 fps limit for AEG's and a 500-550 fps limit for sniper rifles. Please be aware that sniper rifles have a minimum engagement distance or no shoot distance of 100 feet.

Question 4: So how is this game played?

Answer: The simplified answer to this question is as follows. Two teams will venture onto the field. In a simple elimination style game both teams must engage each other and eliminate the opposing forces.

Question 5: How you eliminate other players?

Answer: You must shoot them at which time they will LOUDLY call their hit by screaming "HIT", raise their gun above their head, extract their red kill rag and walk off the field. Dead men may NOT talk to their comrades.

Question 6: How do you register a hit?

Answer: At the normal engagement distance you will register a hit by feeling it. Airsoft is based upon the honor system. The sport currently has no way of marking hits so "when in doubt, call out." The other way that you will register a hit is by sound. Often times depending upon how far away you are from the person shooting you, you will be able to register the sound of a hit on your person. The sound of a BB hitting clothing or stiffer material such as cordura nylon will make a distinctive pop.

Question 7: Ok so we've covered the basics, i have my goggles, i know my rifle shouldnt shoot over 350 fps. Now where do i buy my rifle and do i need certain field attire?

Answer: There are many domestic retailers in the US that will satisfy your needs. (insert list of domestic and foreign retailers)

Answer 2.0: It is strongly recommended that you wear some form of BDU or battle dress uniform. Any pattern or cut that is currently in service somewhere around the world is perfectly acceptible. There are many places to purchase BDU's from. A quick google search for the term BDU will bring up MANY of these retailers. (insert link to cheap gear guide here)

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