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PostSubject: TRANSPORTING YOUR AIRSOFT REPLICA   Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:08 pm

We all know that we have to transport our different weapons to and from practice, event, etc locations. One thing everyone should know is their state‘s law concerning transportation of guns; many governments classify BB guns as real firearms, and the federal laws that apply to real firearms apply to airsoft BB guns as well. Below are some general, universal guidelines for transporting your replicas to different locations; although, you should always check your state‘s laws concerning transportation of firearms for a complete, accurate description.

The most common piece of advice we can give you is while transporting your gun(s), place them in a lockable case, or bag, and place them in the trunk of your car, or in a location that is not easily accessible. Many states in the United States require this by law, but generally, this is a good rule of thumb to go by, regardless if your state does not require this procedure.

Lastly, while transporting your gun(s), make sure the bright, orange tip is visible. We know a lot of individuals either do one of the following: paint the orange tip black, buy a spare black flash-hider, or tape the orange tip with black electrical tape. Do not, ever, do any of those three if you are going to transport your weapon – if you do decide to buy a spare, black flash hider or tape the original, orange tip with black electrical tape, that‘s your decision; but do it at the practice, event, etc location – not while you‘ll be transporting the weapon back and forth.

Also, remember, once you are done using the black version, be sure that the original, orange tip is completely visible for transporting back to your residence. Police officers are still becoming familiar with our sport, collectively, and they‘ll treat, by law, any offenses with airsoft guns as they would with a real firearm.......

Speaking of the Police, here are some guidelines on what to do if you are approached by an Officer while you have possession of an airsoft gun. If approached by the Police, do the following:

• Immediately put the gun down, put it on ―safe‖, and remove the magazine - UNLESS the Officer(s) ask you to do something first; always remember to follow the Officer(s)‘ directions;
if anything, put the gun down if you can do nothing else. That immediately takes the threat- level down a few notches.

• Stay put with your hands visible for the Officer(s) to see.

• Follow any directions given to you by the Officer(s). Your cooperation will be a great benefit to you and will help the Officer(s) involved to understand you are not a threat.

• Remember – be a smart and safe airsofter, and you might be able to talk to the Officer(s) about airsofting in general. Be a good reflection of the sport.

These are the very, basic guidelines that Operator suggests you follow. Just remember to think twice before you do something, be safe and smart, and have fun. The smarter and safer you are, the more of the outside community will start to accept our wonderful sport.
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